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Debt Recovery

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Debt Recovery | McKenzie Lawyers Katoomba

McKenzie Lawyers provides a total solution to our clients for all debt recovery needs against individuals and corporations, and prides itself on delivering prompt, efficient, simple and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

McKenzie Lawyers’ Debt Recovery team has provided debt collection services for major corporations, insurers, shipping companies, company liquidators, bankruptcy trustees, strata managers and private litigants. Our matters are conducted through the Local, District, Supreme and Federal Courts.

Our Services
  • Issuing Claims in all Court jurisdictions;
  • Recovering arrears and advising on processes to minimise arrears;
  • Striking out of unmeritorious defences;
  • Large scale commercial recoveries;
  • Outstanding debt matters, from the initial letters of demand to handling bankruptcy actions against individuals
  • Issuing enforcement proceedings to recover debts;
  • Issuing Creditors’ Statutory Demands for the Payment of Debts;
  • Issuing Bankruptcy Notices and subsequent sequestration proceedings, Warrants of Execution, and Garnishee Orders;
  • Negotiating commercial resolutions to debt disputes

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Our fixed cost arrangements

McKenzie Lawyers offers a Fixed Fee (all cost inclusive) Arrangements for the undefended debt recovery service (undefended matters only).

More importantly, in most cases you will be able to recover all your costs from the other side.

Why Choose Us?

Other reasons for choosing McKenzie Lawyers include:

  • Our experience – When it comes to debt recovery, experience counts. Simply look at our track record and you will know we mean business.

    Click here to see some of our track records.

  • Fast – Upon receiving your instructions we will be in a position to issue a letter of demand within 24 hours

  • Cost effective

    • No double handling – When it comes to debt recovery, the last thing you want is to waste more money in engaging a debt collector for the pre-litigation process. McKenzie Lawyers offers a one-stop shop for debt recovery from pre-litigation recovery attempts to obtaining judgment and enforcement of the judgment

    • No commissions – Unlike some debt collectors, we do not charge any commissions upon successfully recovering the debt.

  • Our service – With McKenzie Lawyers you can be assured of our high quality service. We undertake to keep you informed of the recovery progress and respond to all enquiries within the same business day.

If you need a lawyer to help you recover a debt, let McKenzie Lawyers help you through this tough time. With our experience, speed, and fixed fee arrangement for undefended cases, McKenzie Lawyers will recover your money as soon as possible.

Call McKenzie Lawyers today on 02 4704 4310, 02 8014 5829 or fill out our Online Debt Recovery Enquiry Form.

Debt Recovery | McKenzie Lawyers Katoomba
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